Monday, August 11, 2008

Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets have been serving a variety of purpose in our daily life. First it helps to adorn the plain looking refrigerator, second as a souvenir and third and most important as a way to organize our notes, phone numbers, to-do lists, baby announcements, upcoming events, right in from of our eyes.

I have been collecting magnets every new city I visited. Sticking notes, recipes, art work to the refrigerator all the time using them. This event was a good way of showcasing my collection of magnets. However my collection has been played with by my little daugther who has conveniently dropped them several times in an attempt to arrange them beautifully. This is what is left.

Below are some of my Kitchen Collection Magnets

And this one my personal favorite

This article was inspired by Veda of Iyengar's Kitchen for her event "Fridge Magnets". Thanks Veda for such a simple and wonderful event.


Veda Murthy said...

hey smruthi!

lovely collection,....thanks so much for participating.....!love all the magnets u have...we have one similar magnet the one with the wine bottles....

my favin ur collection is the baby magnet and the kitchen shelf.....its so cute..with flour, coffee pot....!look out for the round up soon!!!!

Aabharan said...

Smruthi - I like the pic & the name of your blog....I am sure that this will be an interesting space to watch in the future.

Good day :)

Smruti said...

Hey Veda, thanks for the compliments. Yeah that Tea and Coffee Stand magnet is my favorite too ... I bought it from a Flea Market when I was in New York.

Hey Aabharan, Thanks for the compliments. That picture is going to be my next post. I just glanced to your blog and it had just lovely jaipuri earrings.

I will add you both guys into my blogroll ... am still new to the blogging world.