Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Floral Chocolate Bouquet

The picture on the header of my blog is of a floral chocolate bouquet. This was a very special creation that I crafted for my husband while I was out for a long vacation. Below is the picture of the whole bouquet.

Each of the flowers in the bouquet were unique and made out of chocolate. Some were made totally out of hard candies, while others were made out of materials like crepe paper, satin ribbon, stocking and netted fabric with their centers made out of chocolates.

Below are pictures of some individual flowers

And these are some hard candy flowers

First each flower was created separately. Then a showpiece was attached to the center of the basket using wire. The flowers were then arranged arround the centerpiece to make a round floral arrangement. Finally the fillers were added to it. The fillers were colorful cellophane paper. The basket was then wrapped with clear cellophane and topped with a bow and curling ribbon all around the bouquet.

This was a perfect combination of flowers and chocolates and it has been my most creative presentation ever.


Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow nice and yummy bouquet. I like those fridge magnets also. Especially the fish one and small cute baby one.

Glass Beads said...

you have a cute blog. waiting to see more of your crafty ventures.

thank you for visiting and adding me to you favorites

Aabharan said...

This is very cool! I know a lot of folks who would love this yummy bouquet!