Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Attempt to Beading

Lately I decided to try a new hobby of crafting with beads. I had never dared to work with beads before as I found them too tiny to handle. I gathered a couple of variety of beads, strung them into the headpins and lastly attached the ear wires. It took just a couple of minutes to create them. I never had any idea till then how easy it was to create a pair of earrings. The most time consuming part was selection of beads and the design of the earrings.

Look what I came up with. Arent they good for a beginner ?

Next was to create a pair for Siya. She is so big now that she wants all those things that mama has. I decided to go with pink Swarovski crystals for her. Added a few golden metal spacers inbetween. They looked just perfect for a little girl.

I just loved the idea of making earrings at home. It takes just a couple of minutes to assemble them. Now I could make earrings that would match my outfit. And with all those wonderful beads just lying at my home, sky is the limit.


Shillu said...

Smruti-These are lovely! u know I am a sucker for jewellery! I especially liked the gold tinged beads from teh first pic :)

Anonymous said...

I love both the pairs...
I like to do ear drops but never get time and also i couldnt perfect making a complete loop :-)

Love to see more of your work.

Shillu said...

Hi - Happy Ganesh Chaturdhi to you & your family.

Shillu said...

Smruti - I suggest that you update your profile page. When you visit some blog & leave a msg - and if someone wants to visit your blog from there - when they click on your name it will direct them to your blog. :) let me know if you have any questions.