Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pot Decorating at Home

I have always been fascinated with all those huge decorative pots displayed at the home decor store. They become a really catchy decor piece and can be displayed around the empty corners in the house. The decorative pots available at the stores are just too fat on the budget. So I decided to decorate a pot myself and show off my creativity in an absolutely new domain. My dream is to decorate a pot that is as tall as my little girl. But before I get into such a huge project I wanted to take some baby steps.

I started out with a small 15 inch pot. I first painted the pots with multiple colors. Then I covered with a coat of burgandy. I used the crackle medium to give it a crackle effect.

I wanted to give the art a 3rd dimension, so I decided to go with flowers and fruits instead of flat work. I created the flowers, buds and leaves with M-Seal. This is similar to polymer clay but hardens without the need to bake. Then I molded some fruits like strawberries, grapes and berries. All the pieces were then air-dried for a day. I painted each piece with pearl paint to give it a shiny effect. After the paint was dried, I glue each piece on the pot. Lastly, to finish up I applied a coat for varnish.

The entire process of decorating took 3-4 days. It was pretty easy to decorate the pot. The challenge was to mold the petals of the flowers so they look realistic and then to assemble them together on the pot. With a little more creativity one can decorate pots similar to ones available in the stores and still stay on budget. Now I am looking forward to the day when I will decorate a pot as tall as my little girl. Happy Pot Decorating !!!


Veda Murthy said...

this used to be fav hobby when i was in college! my mom was tired of storing all the pots in the house......:-)urs is beautiful....try decoupaging on the pots next time with crackle medium ....u will like it so much!


Shillu said...

I tried this looong back! looks lovely!

Shillu said...

Hey - where are you? is everything ok with u?

Sanghi said...

Wow.. Great one. excellent! Visit my sit too at wish to add you in my blog

Veda Murthy said...

where r u gurl? all fine at ur end?

Ikshaa said...

Very nice.I have tried this in small pots which takes more time than doing in big pots,but enjoyed doing:)
Have added you.Visit my blog and give your comments.

sowmya said...

lovely work..i loved visiting your blog..

Nithya said...

Good one. It looks really pretty.

You have a lovely blog on the whole. First time here and sure would be often. Keep it going.

Do take a peep into my blogs when you find time.